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    Is the option for installing custom applications the primary benefit for making the change from shared web hosting to dedicated web hosting? Is dedicated feasible for a website with moderate traffic?

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    It largely depends on the kind of plugin you intend to install on the server. If it is something that may impact the other accounts, you'd be asked to opt for a dedicated server instead of any other package on a shared platform.


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      Re: custom apps

      In Shared web hosting, as the name suggests, the server is shared by multiple user accounts. so the platform offered cannot be altered for one user's specific requirement.
      This doesn't mean you need to opt for a dedicated server so you can install any custom application. the cost and resources offered may be too much for you.
      There are more options available between shared and dedicated hosting which allow you to install custom applications.
      The most cost effective options available are Cloud hosting & VPS hosting with us.
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        Re: custom apps

        Hi Keatons_flat,

        If you want to install apps then you might go for the VPS i feel..That way you could get the apps you want as well as the benefits of a private server.