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Advanced MySQL Password Reset

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  • Advanced MySQL Password Reset


    To reset MySQL root password follow the below given steps.

    1. You need to override the existing password.
    To perform this,browse to your MySQL installation directory.

    2. In there, go to "Data" directory.

    3. Find and Open the file named "my.ini"

    4. Between the 1st line "[MySQLD]" and 2nd "PORT=" enter "skip-grant-tables"

    5. Restart MySQL Service.

    You should now be able to login to MySQL prompt without Password.

    Once you are at MySQL Prompt,its time to reset the existing password.

    Type in "UPDATE mysql.user SET Password=PASSWORD('New_password') WHERE User='root';"
    This will give something like "Query OK, 0 rows affected (0.04 sec)
    Rows matched: 1 Changed: 0 Warnings: 0
    7. Type "FLUSH PRIVILEGES;" and hit enter.

    Voila. You have just reset your MySQL root password.

    Now,Do not Forget to undo the changes made in "my.ini" file.

    8. Remove "skip-grant-tables" from "my.ini" and restart MySQL Service.

    Now you are ready to use your MySQL Service with New Password.

    **Note: Please ensure that you take a backup of the file "my.ini" prior making any changes.

    **Warning: This file contains core MySQL config, any incorrect changes made would crash MySQL and which would lead to reinstallation.

    EUK Support.
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    Re: Advanced MySQL Password Reset

    Hi Arnold,

    If I have plesk installed on my server & i reset MySQL password of "Root" with above steps ,could it reset the password of "Admin" user of MySQL in well ? Are they same ?

    Please help to understand this.

    Tech Hunter


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      Re: Advanced MySQL Password Reset


      The standard user "Admin" which comes by default when the Plesk control panel is installed. The admin is the root user for MySQL and it functions exactly like root on MySQL servers.

      When you change the MYSQL password, it will not change the Plesk admin password.



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        Re: Advanced MySQL Password Reset

        Hey Jen,

        Welcome to EUK-Host Forums.

        Thank you for providing explanation on my query. Really appreciated.

        Tech Hunter
        [email protected] Lo0king S0meth!ng.


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          Re: Advanced MySQL Password Reset

          Hello Arnold,

          That's a great trick buddy to Reset MySQL password. Quite risky but very useful

          for this.....!!!!!!


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            Re: Advanced MySQL Password Reset

            Great info, I think it was shared earlier as well... but anything which helps is always good..!
            Taking over the rest..!