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    Upgrade MailEnable to newer version


    Please refer to the steps to upgrade MailEnable on Windows Dedicated server:

    1. Download MailEnable newer version on the server.
    2. Run the newer version .exe file. Complete the wizard process.
    3. When you proceed for the MailEnable installation over an existing installation, you can see the component installed on the server / check box the option which you want to install.
    3. While upgradation, you will have to specify the location of your configuration Repository / Destination folder. This has to be default which you have chosen before.
    4. Please make sure that you choose the default option of "Preserver Existing Configuration Data". Check box the option of "Backup Configuration Data to BACKUP Directory.
    5. Follow the wizard and complete the upgradation. Rest all the options keep as it is.

    Re: Upgrade MailEnable to newer version

    Hi Jen,

    This is definitely a good post regarding mailenable upgarde but I would like to shed some more light regarding this.

    The installation will ask you if you want to backup your settings (select Yes). It is also good practice to have used the MEBACKUP utility beforehand although, since the installation makes its own backup this is not essential.

    Simply follow the installation wizard, verifying your settings until the wizard completes. You may be asked to reboot your sever at the end of the upgrade. The underlying configuration data and options are essentially the same for all MailEnable versions.

    Note: Enterprise will use the same configuration data and options as Standard and Professional, but has two way migration wizards for changing the configuration provider. Eg: TAB Files ->Database -> TAB Files. Enterprise stores more data than Standard and Professional Editions, but the configuration format is backward compatible.



      Re: Upgrade MailEnable to newer version

      Hey Joel

      Bang On Bro.

      Absolutely agreed with you. Most depends upon which version we are going to upgrade. You have correctly point out the main things regarding the upgradetion. It shows the Good practices. Good Job


      The Sailor Man


        Re: Upgrade MailEnable to newer version

        Hello Friends,

        I would like to let you know some information about atmail webmail client if you are using with latest mailenable server. Plesk comes with light version of atmail webmail client, In the light version of atmail you can't see the date and time of sending and receiving emails. This is the bug/issue of atmail light version.

        If you face this problem then you can use following tweaks to fix the issue.

        remove the following two files from atmail webamil repository.

        <vhosts_location>\webmail\atmail\libs\Atmail\getma il.php
        <vhosts_location>\webmail\atmail\libs\Atmail\readm sg.php

        Then download and replace these two files from the following location.



        And then restart IIS service.

        But instead of using atmail webmail client or any other wemail client I would recommend to use mailenable webmail client which comes with latest versions of mailenable server.

        Gareth Morgan.
        System Administrator


          Re: Upgrade MailEnable to newer version

          Hi Gareth,

          Many thanks, I appreciate your giving such a useful set of information.
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