Help migrate from Windows HyperV VPS to dedicated one

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    Help migrate from Windows HyperV VPS to dedicated one


    It's hard decision but I really want to go and don't want the hassle of moving and / or any downtime ..
    here is the case:

    1 - Most of domains on my server within Plesk and SmarterMail are under my control at GoDaddy or else and few are not.
    2 - My windowsHyperV VPS server nameservers domain is MYSERVERS.NET which has NS1 and NS2 assigned at GoDaddy and pointing to and
    3 - I need to move to a new server and I want to use my same nameservers domain on it.
    4 - Before all this I need to migrate two of my testing domains (one as nameserver and another as a test account) to test the server then do the above.

    What should I do? Is there a regular guaranteed steps?

    Re: Help migrate from Windows HyperV VPS to dedicated one


    Yes, you can mgrate your domains from VPS to a dedicated server. Let me outline the important steps for the migration:

    1) You will need to recreate the Domains, Database names and the email addresses etc. on the new server using the Plesk control panel
    2) Once you have created the domains and database names, you can then proceed to move the data to the new server.
    3) You will then need to test any coding issues that may happen due to changes in paths or custom permissions required using Plesk Site Preview facility.
    4) You can keep both the servers open for a few days for testing. Once it is confirmed that everything is working as desired and if you manage your own DNS then you need to have your registrar update the name servers Ip's to point to the new server. Please note there will be a minimum downtime as you are changing servers and DNS.

    Note - Although we do promise to try our level best in assisting and helping with any post migrations issues, in case you have third party applications that do not work as desired, it would be best if the software vendors or website developers are contacted for assistance as they would know better than us how the code is setup.
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      Re: Help migrate from Windows HyperV VPS to dedicated one

      Thanks Magic,
      Most of applications coding made by us and i'm not very afraid from sites. I'm worry more about nameservers, emails, domains mail server SSL and preparing related issues so wanted to know different opinions for this.

      Thank you for the clear step-by-step answer