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  • Cores and Threads?

    Hello there,
    I want to buy a dedicated server with high performance and while browsing your dedicated server I see there is mentioned Cores and Treads, I'd like to know what roll does Cores and Threads play with reference to performance?

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    Re: Cores and Threads?

    Hi Fuzone

    Thank you for showing interest in our servers. The below thread explains in detail the concepts you are after:

    Further if you can explain what you are planning to host on the dedicated server, our experts team will be more than happy to suggest solutions Looking forward to your response.

    Suzanne Jones.


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      Re: Cores and Threads?

      Great post man. Just started my own Dedicated Servers in the same way you did thanks to your informing forum post. Thanks!


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        It means that the CPU has 2 physical cores but can process 4 threads simultaneously through hyperthreading or Simultaneous multithreading (SMT). In reality, one physical core can only truly run one thread at a time, but using hyperthreading, the CPU exploits the idle stages in the pipeline to process another thread.