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can not access Plesk control panel on 8443

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  • can not access Plesk control panel on 8443

    Simplest solution :smile: for you'd be then to contact your ISP and ask them to allow connections on 8443 port for Plesk control panel server, for accessing Plesk control panel. Your ISP may deny for the same, so what should you do now?

    You can try this way to access the Plesk control panel at standard SSL address to 443 port instead of 8443.

    NOTE: Do not disable 8443 port on Plesk control panel configuration. Here you can configure Plesk control panel to listen other ports along with standard 8443. Some of applications such as Dr. web, watchdog, API and others require Plesk to be on 8443 port for proper functioning.

    Let me explain this approach with following example,

    Lets consider your server is binded with multiple IPs on it.

    and now you're planning to access Plesk control panel by

    So make the following changes on the Server which are necessary.

    1) 'A' record of should resolve to IP.

    2) Login to Windows 2003 Server via RDP, locate <DriveLetter>:\Parallels\Plesk\admin\conf\ nf file

    Find and comment out the line:
    Listen 443

    3) Now you will need to add following lines for all IPs excluding IP


    4) Now requirement is

    Listen 8443
    Listen 8880

    5) In the same file <DriveLetter>:\Parallels\Plesk\admin\conf\ nf, Locate 8443 VirtualHost definition:

    #<VirtualHost *:8443>

    And change it to

    <VirtualHost *:8443 \>

    6) Under same file find :

    ErrorDocument 400

    and change it to:
    ErrorDocument 400

    7) Last but very important task, restart Plesk control panel services, and see the result....

    Now You'd be able to access Plesk CP via this link, even if your ISP is blocking 8443 port.
    Spencer T.