what services are covered under managed server hosting ?

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    what services are covered under managed server hosting ?

    What is difference between managed and unmanaged hosting? Also, What are the things that are managed in managed dedicated server hosting?

    Dedicated Server Management includes any installations or custom configurations you want to be done, performing security configurations and server hardening in general, resolving any technical issues you may come across.

    eUKhost server management responsibilities include but are not limited to the following tasks:

    * Initial Server Setup.
    * Routine server monitoring.
    * Server Migration (If applicable).
    * Disaster recovery planning and procedures including system and file backup.
    * Server backup restoration in the event of a hardware failure.
    * Server troubleshooting - We will help you trouble shoot if the server is not performing well.
    * Regular maintenance of the operating system (updates & patches).
    * Firewall configuration. (Linux Servers)

    Depending on the OS platform you wish to go with, you may refer to Linux Server Management or the Windows Server Management functions.
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      I'd say go for for a fully managed dedicated server hosting package and let your hosting company do the job...
      .....aaahh...some1 jst shot me :P


        Originally posted by shane View Post
        I'd say go for for a fully managed dedicated server hosting package and let your hosting company do the job...
        Yes, it is always the preferred way. Unless of course your into managing your own servers .
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          hehe...i am too lazy to manage my own servers.

          I lease like 2 dedicated servers from eUKhost, i just like the way they work on them....
          .....aaahh...some1 jst shot me :P


            Manage Hosting = Freedom from server management
            hence we can concentrate more on our Business rather then playing with our server configuration files


              Thanks for explaining me the management responsibilities. Apart from server management responsibilities, what are the other things that makes eukhost the best or different from other web hosting providers?


                With the managed dedicated server hosting, the customer contracts with the web hosting service to take care of all the operating and software administration of the leased server.

                With Unmanaged Hosting the company takes on responsibilities for server administration, either by assigning an employee to the task or by contracting with some other computer services company.



                  If you are planning to order a dedicated server, you will need to know the difference between managed and unmanaged servers. There is one major difference between managed servers and unmanaged servers. The difference is you guessed it who manages the server.

                  Managed servers are hosted and managed by the web hosting company. As a customer, you will be able to set up the basics, like domains and mailboxes, but the web host company remains responsible for all necessary configurations and maintenance of the server.

                  Unmanaged servers are actually self managed by you, the customer. Unlike the managed server, you are responsible for configuring and maintaining the server. It will be your responsibility to keep the server hacker free by keeping up to date software on it. While the unmanaged server is less expensive, it does require knowledge and the time to maintain and configure the server.

                  If you are weighing the pros and cons of managed vs. unmanaged servers, remember that time is money. Remember that the increased cost associated with managed servers is due to the increased service a managed server provides. You can either pay someone else to deal with the management of the server or you can save a little money and do it yourself, if you have the knowledge to do it properly and can afford to invest your time into the maintenance project. If you are not familiar with Unix and have little experience, this decision should be a quick one for you pick the managed server situation.



                    In simple words, Eukhost can help you and serve as a reliable extension to your hosting requirements by taking away the huge hassle of managing your website/s, while providing the best Managed web hosting and support services to allow you and your company to strive in this competitive web industry.



                      Managed Hosting Providers server utilize extreme security measures to ensure the safety of data stored on their network of servers. Providers will often deploy various software programs for scanning systems and networks for obtrusive invaders, spammers, hackers, and other harmful problems.Managed hosts allow the client to take full advantage of the host’s processes and experience to implement solutions in less time, at a lower cost, and with higher reliability than other hosting methods. For example, co-location and dedicated hosting plans provide just the physical space, power, and network connections for customer equipment.
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                        what services are covered under managed server hosting ?

                        Most dedicated servers come with two types of accounts, either managed or unmanaged. However, due to the technical problems, some hosts do not offer a managed dedicated server plan. And a dedicated server that is managed by the host will always come with a higher price tag.

                        In simple terms, an unmanaged dedicated server means you are responsible for every aspect of maintaining the server, from installing upgrades and patches and ensuring server uptime.

                        A managed dedicated server, however, means that the host will ensure all the technicalities of keeping servers up-to-date and running smoothly are done. If the server goes down, the hosting company will get it back online for you.

                        If you are technically savvy with servers, an unmanaged server is likely the right choice. But if you are lacking in technical skills required for the server, but still need the unlimited aspects available with having your site (or sites) on their own dedicated server, a managed server is the right choice.

                        Many hosts will allow you to later switch from a managed plan to an unmanaged plan as you aquire the neccessary skills. Likewise, some will allow you to switch from unmanaged to managed if you find you have gotten in over your head on the server upkeep, maintenance and technical requirements to keep it running smoothly.

                        With both a managed and unmanaged dedicated server, you are simply renting the server from the hosting company, you have not bought it outright.


                          The main difference between managed and unmanaged hosting is something related to the services provided by the web hosting companies. In case of managed hosting, the web hosting company offers complete support and services for the entire hosting package. Some of the hosting companies will not provide support for the applications that you install yourself. Whereas in the case of unmanaged hosting, the web hosting company will only provide support for the hardware. The hosting company might replace the failed components, maintain the network, reboot servers; however the software applications will not be supported.


                            I'm glad I found this thread. I was about to ask the same question regarding the managed/unmanaged servers difference, but I found all the necessary pieces of information here. The system and file backup that eUKhost offers is one of the best aspects in the list. Not all companies provide a back-up.

                            I'm planning to purchase a dedicated server from your company soon, and I'm definitely going to choose a managed one because I'm not very experienced in this regards...


                              Managed hosting services will help you to concentrate more on your business rather then playing with technical issues which may arise with your server/hosting accounts.

                              @BritishFlag : We are glad to know that you plan to use our Fully Managed Dedicated Servers Hosting solutions. Please keep us updated with your presales queries you may have before placing order and do let us know your requirements so that we can help you with server selection.