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    Size Of Email Attachments

    I have spoken to 'Live Chat' and also raised a ticket today ( QSU-73363-567 ) but still have no solution.

    I was told that email attachment size for windows reseller was 10mb but my clients cannot sent .pdf files of 8 to 9mb in size. I have also tried sending email attachments of 8.57mb and they have failed.

    I had a reply to my support ticket stating that the limit had been raised to 11mb and to try again. I did this and it still gets rejected due to it exceeding the server limit.

    I have sent a screenshot of the error along with my comments in a reply to my support ticket but no one has come back to me yet.

    Please can someone take charge of my ticket and respond. It does appear that support is at an all time low and support do not talk to each other.

    The only person that appears to really help people with problems in this forum is Rock.

    Hello Andrew,

    Sorry for the delay in response !! We have increased outbound mailbox attachment size in SMTP setting on server. We are able to send 10MB attachment size file from outlook without any problem.

    Please try again & let us know if it works for you.
    Windows Support Dept -- Eukhost