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How can I register domain names for my clients?

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  • How can I register domain names for my clients?

    I'm from new york I've planned to start a Web hosting company here. I got the server configuration and i'm going to use linux/windows. The problem is how can I register Domain Name for my Clients. If I purchase a dedicated server they provide all details but i have to pay in monthly basis but i'm not interested in dedicated servers and resellers. So I want my own server in my office. What should I do now? What is cpanel/plesk how it will help me? Where can I get cpanel/plesk?

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    Since you are planning to start off with your own hosting business, I would suggest you to start off with a reseller hosting account initially. A dedicated server at this stage might be an overkill.

    Get started with your business, build your client base gradually and then think of moving forward.

    About registering domain names for your clients, I would suggest registering those through a recognized domain registrar on behalf of your clients. We provide eNom domain reseller account free with our reseller hosting through which you can register domains for your customers.
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      a dedicated server is better to start your hosting company off and if you whmcs you can get domain names throw your whmcs account and your clients will be able to pay for them there self when they get an account or they buy them any time throw your server web site


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        In order to register the desired domain names for your clients, the best option is getting is getting a reseller hosting plan. In respect to your question, I understand that you donít want to get a dedicated or reseller account. However by getting a reseller account, you will be able to avoid the costs involved in getting and maintaining a dedicated server and at the same time you will be able to allocate the desired domain names to your client.

        cPanel is a web hosting control panel that is based on Unix. It provides with the automation tools that are required for the purpose of simplifying the process of hosting a website. cPanel control panel comes with the Linux based web hosting plans. Plesk is also a fully functional web hosting control panel that is used with Windows based web hosting plans. There is an added advantage in terms of using a Plesk control panel as it comes with addons.


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          Re: How can I register domain names for my clients?

          You shoul have a good registrar, but not expensive. I search here such registrar and choose not the cheapest, but not expensive and with good feedbacks at forums.