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CDO and server authentication?

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  • CDO and server authentication?


    I've written a simple mailshot function to send emails to my customers who have requested wanting mail. It loops email addresses through a CDO email script that sends out the message. The problem I've suddenly got is that emails are only being sent to addresses belonging to the server. Here's the error if I try to send to a Hotmail (or GMail) address:

    error '8004020f'
    /admin/Email_cust.asp, line 89

    line 89 is:


    I'm guessing it's a Windows permissions (isn't it always with MS!) thing on the smtp server. Anyone, know what's going off?


    PS Here's the CDO settings

    iConf.Fields.Item("") = 2
    iConf.Fields.Item("") = "localhost"
    iConf.Fields.Item("") = 10
    iConf.Fields.Item("") = 25

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    Oops, I've added the authenticate, username and password CDO fields correctly and it appears to be working now!


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      For security reasons on our shared servers, we have configured our email services such a way that only authenticated and local users can pass the relay. That means to send emails from your scripts, you have to use a valid user name and password of email account that you have created physically on our email server. You can not use any email account in FROM field of email script which is not present on our server.
      Glad to know your issue has been sorted

      Gabriel S
      MSN: gabriel @ || SKYPE: Gabriel.Sandler


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        I was always using an existing mail account on the server for the 'From' field, I just needed to add the three extra CDO values to authenticate the address. Thanks for your reply.