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  • SQL database problems

    I am new to web design and have created a web website hosting with a test Db using SQL Server Express. I have had great difficulty getting the Database page on the website hosting to work and have raised ticket #LQT-98950-651 since yesterday and talked to Tech support. I don't just want it fixed, please could you explain where the database resides and whether the web.config changes to the connectionstring that I queried with them is correct. I am very confused - the website hosting works fine on my local computer

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    Your ticket has been assigned to one of our senior windows system admin so please allow us some time to get it sorted.

    You should receive response for this ticket in next 1 - 2 hours.
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      Your ticket has been replied.

      Let me know if you need any further assistance.
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        Still trying Db attachment

        Yes - thanks, I got a reply requesting my BAK files which I did not know how to do but I worked on it and finally succeeded in creating and uploading them. But when I tried to create a database the system hung, also 'restore' hung (same problem as previous poster in November it seems) I've sent the files by ticket therefore and hope I'll finally get this working but, does anyone know if I then have to change my web.config as connectionString has a |DataDirectory| path which in theory points to App_Data directory whereas database will be restored in Db directory????

        Phil R


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          Hello Phil,

          You will need to make minor changes in the configuration files but that should not be a big problem for you to do so.

          If you have the ticket number for my reference then do let me know so that I can follow up with our windows system admins.
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            The ticket No is LQT-98950-651.

            I had a holding reply 1:30pm yesterday and I am just hanging on at present, Any help appreciated



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              Finally at my wits end and ready to give up. Ticket No LQT-98950-651.

              With no reply from Tech Support, on reviewing folder manager there are unexplained changes. I repeatedly tell Tech Support I need to understand but they rarely respond. I uploaded ACSPEC.BAK and ASPNETDB.BAK - attempted recovery as per instructions in tools databases but it failed - why? Now I have 2 databases in Db folder but I believe these are from Tools, databases, create database actions not my ACSPEC.MDF and ASPNETDB.MDF files restored form backup as the latter are larger.

              These are test databases. If I cannot make sense of this for future uploads this is just a waste of time and, if this is the way Tech support work with inexperienced web website hosting creators I am clearly with the wrong web host company. If I coould just get a proper understanding I would be able to stop bothering your support team. A two way conversation would be a great help rather than query, wait 24hrs or more - instruction - query, wait 24hrs, telephone, action - query and so on.

              Am I being unreasonable?

              Phil Rogers


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                I had problems when I had an SQL Server Express database, as the SQL Server version on the webserver is 2000, and SQL Server Express is 2005.

                To fix, I used the developer edition of SQL Server 2000 to create my database, then I uploaded it to EUKHost, and it restored perfectly!


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                  Many thanks - this could be the problem although I was assured a SQL Server Express Db would work it may be that this is no true for the 2005 version. I will investigate - in the meantime I loaded an Access version which worked perfectly but I would like to get SQL Server working

                  Thanks again