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No Emails Being Received / Websites Not Loading or Loading Very Slowly

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  • No Emails Being Received / Websites Not Loading or Loading Very Slowly

    Starting the process of looking for another host now as emails are down yet again along with most of my websites loading very very slowly to the point of giving up.

    Online chat were useless, didn't know what was happening, could not rectify and told me to raise a ticket.

    Support Ticket raised under 'Critical' with no response yet - Unassigned

    Telephone Support sounded as if they were going to be helpful but they haven't called back yet or replied to my ticket as they said they would

    Clients asking me what the problem is and I have no answer for them

    This is a repeat of what happened around a month ago, happening all too often.

    Ticket Number - WZG-145-50184 ( if there is anyone at EUK who can be bothered )

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    Sorry to hear of your difficulties. I am sure an eUK staff member will be here shortly to address your query with the utmost urgency.

    What are the loads like currently on your server? Have you had any warnings about specific processes using a lot of resources etc?
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      Apologies for the inconvenience caused.

      I have escalated the ticket to a senior admin and he is looking into your issue. He will update the ticket shortly.


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        Most of the websites are static and not graphic intensive.... problems started at around 11.30am GMT today when clients emails stopped working. Other people have tried to load some of my sites but they are loading so slow you would give up.
        No warnings at all.


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          The issue is being resolved and one of our Senior admin has replied Ticket Number - WZG-145-50184 providing complete information on the same.

          Please update the same ticket if you need further explanation and keep this forum thread updated once the issue gets resolved.


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            Just to complete the thread. The issue has now been resolved.


            Dear Andrew,

            Please accept our apologies for replying late.

            In our investigation it was found that few domains on our shared server were sending bulk emails which in turn resulted in clogging the mail queue. We have taken action against the culprit domains and have manually flushed the emails from the mail queue. Emails are working fine on the server now.

            The sites were responding slow because the plesk services were being hampered due to the heavy amount of bulk emails. Plesk services were restarted to overcome the slowness issue with the sites. We will request you to recheck your sites.

            Do get back to us if you are facing any issues with the same, we will be glad to assist you.

            Stephen S
            Technical Support Department


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              I spoke too soon............The problem is back again

              ** Emails not being received **

              Please please please can you get to the bottom of this and advise me what on earth is happening.

              This is not good.
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                I will ask Stephen S to check the issue once again and update the ticket.


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                  As the previous ticket was closed by me as I thought the matter had been resolved I have had to open another ticket.

                  Ticket Number - GXS-403-37276

                  No reply as of yet !


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                    I will ask a admin to update Ticket Number - GXS-403-37276 shortly


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                      Working again now ( well... at the moment )


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                        Great to hear that

                        Update the same ticket if you face the same issue again.