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Alternative to using exec?

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  • Alternative to using exec?


    I'm using PHP on a Windows server and notice that exec() is banned. What is the alternative to using exec()?

    It seems that lots of functions are withdrawn for 'security reasons' in the end it will make it pointless running dynamic code!


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    Re: Alternative to using exec?

    Hi Steve,

    The exec() function is disabled on our shared and reseller servers. We wish we could have certain PHP functions enabled but it will be open to abuse. I'm not entirely what alternative functions there are because we disable exec(), shell_exec() and system() functions for security reasons. What external program do you need to execute within your PHP application?

    Kind regards,

    Ben Stones.
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      Re: Alternative to using exec?

      Hi, I'm doing some r&d looking at uploading a PDF file and generating a thumbnail image of the first page of the PDF on the fly using ImageMagick. Plan B would be to upload the PDF and thumbnail jpg as separate files, which is looking likely now :-/


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        Re: Alternative to using exec?

        Sorry there is no alternate to exec(). Most of the hosting providers have disabled this function and few others to execute external program