Email server Blacklisted yet again

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    Email server Blacklisted yet again

    My email shared host IP address has been blacklisted yet again!!

    has anyone else had thier email server Blacklisted during the last week?

    I am the Technical Consultant for my company and have rasied tickets, been on live chats and still is re occuring again and again

    I have been informed by EUKHOST that this is being resolved yet again


    Re: Email server Blacklisted yet again


    Sorry to hear that.

    We have taken required actions against the account/domain causing such issues on our shared server. We have also dropped delist request to the concern authority for getting the IP delisted from their database. As checked the IP has got delisted & you should be able to send the emails now.

    I can see that one of our admin has updated your ticket with us, Ticket Id :- AIP-519-42346.

    If you still have any concerns regarding this, request you to please update us on the same ticket.


    Garry K.