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    Hosting two domains on the same account

    I want to host two or more small web sites on the one hosting account. This is the way I plan to do it but I just wanted to check that it was good practice and whether there are any problems likely to arise from using this method.

    (1) I develop my principal site on MYACCOUNT and point the domain name DOMAIN1.COM to the root of MYACCOUNT.

    (2) I then create a second site in a subdirectory of MYACOUNT. Lets say the subdirectory is called SITE2. If I type the url DOMAIN1.COM/SITE2 I get the home page of my secomd site, but I don't publicise this address and I don't put a link to it anywhere so no one would normally know about it.

    (3) I point my second domain name DOMAIN2.COM to the subdirectory so whenever someone types DOMAIN2.COM they get the site at DOMAIN1.COM/SITE2 displayed in their browser, although the address in the browser will display as DOMAIN2.COM.

    I know this method works but is there a better method of pointing 2 or more domain names to the same hosting space?

    Rob Wheeler (UK)

    Hi Rob,

    Welcome to eUKhost forum community..!

    The ancient way you used to host two domain names from the same hosting account is gone. At , you can host two different websites having altogether different data from the same hosting account by having one domain name as the Main domain for the account and the second by adding as a Addon Domain to the same account.

    The style you used to host two domain names is so called as directing the second domain name to a Sub-Domain Page of the Main Domain.

    Please go ahead and sign-up for any Shared Hosting Account as the plans does fulfill your requirements.

    Let me know if you have any more questions ..!
    Best Regards,

    Bryan Oscar
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      Hey Rob,

      As Bryan said, all eUKhost accounts have the facility to do this.

      I hope to see you as a new customer soon .
      David Smith
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        Thank you very much for your welcome and quick reply. If I understand you correctly the method I described is the old-fashioned method and the new method is to 'add-on' domains.

        I realised as soon as I had posted the message that I had put it in the wrong place. I have a Linux cpanel account and not a windows account. However, I don't suppose it matters in practice.

        I would just like to get the procedure right as I am currently developing a Drupal site for a customer on my own account in a subfolder. I was thinking of transferring it all over to a new account that I have just asked you guys to set up in the customers name, but it occurs to me that I could just go live, initially , using the dev site on my account. It would save a lot of time and Drupal is such a pain to transfer and as I have never done it before I am bound to make mistakes the first time. I have found the 'add-on domain' page on my Cpanel and can easily set up the domain name to point to the target sub-directory. I assume that after that I just get the current registrars of the domain to point to your DNS. What info do I have to give them?

        The next stage is to rebuild the Drupal site on the new account that I have just requested for the customer. After I have done that how do I get the domain to stop picking up the directive to my add-on and start going to the new site? They are both on the same host.


        Rob Wheeler


          Hi Rob,

          You will need to provide the nameservers of your hosting account to the domain registrar for the domain name to point to the target sub-directory.

          When you decide to move the to the Customer's hosting account, you can get the site data migrated on to the new hosting space and ask the domain registrar to point the domain name to DNS of the Customer's hosting account.
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            If you currently run a website, chances are you have considered shared hosting. This is the most common and affordable way to establish a web presence due to the mere structure of the arrangement. With shared hosting, web hosting firms can provide a much cheaper service because storage capacity, bandwidth and other resources are shared amongst numerous customers, thus lowering their overhead expense.

            While this is an ideal arrangement for most, there are some drawbacks. Many providers will only allow you to host a single domain or website on a single account. This is not a problem if you only intend to create a single website. However, it becomes a different story later down the road when your expanding web presence calls for you to set up more websites. In order to accomplish this, you would normally have to purchase a separate account for each new domain for which you wish to create a website. Therefore, if you have a need for five different websites, just image how much you would be paying every month on hosting services.


              Happy Ending

              The good news is that the procedure was very simple and worked easily:

              (1) Using FTP go to your site, create a subdirectory off root and copy your site to the new subdirectory.

              (2) Logon to Cpanel and go CPANEL > DOMAINS > ADDON DOMAIN

              (3) Enter the domain name that you will pointing at the new site in the subdirectory.

              (4) Enter the path (from root) to the subdirectory in the field 'Document Root'.

              (5) Logon to your account with the company holding your domain name and enter the names of the nameservers of the new host.

              I found that the new site was almost immediately available altho I believe that is not always inevitable. I made a small, imperceptible change to the home page of the new site so I could detect whether the new site was being picked up.

              Three questions remain tho:

              (1) Do I need to create two separate add-on domains - for one domain with www an one without (eg, 'www. example. com' and 'example. com')?

              (2) What is the effect on search engines finding your site when it is configured like this? I assume it makes no difference but I'd like that confirmed.

              (3) What is the purpose of the password associated with the add-on domain? In what context would it be required.


              Rob Wheeler


                Originally posted by RobWheeler View Post
                Three questions remain tho:

                (1) Do I need to create two separate add-on domains - for one domain with www an one without (eg, 'www. example. com' and 'example. com')?
                Ans :- No, you don't need to do that. CNAME record is set by default for www.. You can add following code in your .htaccess file to make sure people get redirected to when they type in browser :-

                Options +FollowSymLinks
                RewriteEngine on
                RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} !^ [NC]
                RewriteRule ^(.*)$$1 [R=301,L]
                Originally posted by RobWheeler View Post
                (2) What is the effect on search engines finding your site when it is configured like this? I assume it makes no difference but I'd like that confirmed.
                Ans :- My answer for first question is best in terms of SEO.

                Originally posted by RobWheeler View Post
                (3) What is the purpose of the password associated with the add-on domain? In what context would it be required.
                Ans:- It is required for separate FTP access to the addon domain. You can passon FTP details of the addon domain to someone else if you need.
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                  if you have the domain names through godaddy just do the forwarding thing

                  1. log into your account
                  2. click on the name you want to use for the second website
                  3. right above the account details, click on forward
                  4. type the path to your website.
                  5. enable and you are ready to go. You may want to mask the path so others wont see.
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                    Originally posted by adilali99
                    Is it free hosting.. ?? please help me!

                    Yes! Hosting multiple domains under master account is free, it creates a separate folder and acts as an addon on domain. eUKhost Linux Shared hosting provides unlimited domains on the very basic package.

                    Hope this answers your query and you find it helpful.

                    Affordable Linux - cPanel Web Hosting services only at eUKhost Ltd.


                      Hosting two domains on the same account

                      Two or more domains can be easily hosted on the same account with a good shared hosting plan. Shared web hosting has become one of the most favorable ways of establishing and maintaining a good web presence. In shared hosting, one account is shared with many customers and thus the total overhead expenses are reduced. The main benefits of hosting two domains on the same account are mentioned below:
                      1. You get increased visibility and vast web presence
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                      3. EUKHost provides you with Softaculous which is an efficient and easy to use application installer.
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                        it is surely possible to host two or more domains on the same account. This can be done with various forms of hosting like reseller hosting, shared hosting, dedicated hosting and VPS hosting. For this you will have to opt for addon domains. Addon domains will enable you to add more domains on one website and you can also avail of parked domains that will enable you to point the appropriate domains to your website. For more information visit - eUKhost's - Off site backup hosting services only at eUKhost


                          If its about hosting multiple domains then you can consider the domain web hosting packages. They are reliable and similar to the shared hosting plans. Domain hosting plans can be found in both Linux as well as Windows platform. These packages includes PHP 5, mySQL databases, WordPress, FrontPage and unlimited FTP uploads and are most popular cheap hosting offering which features everything you require to get started on the Internet.


                            If you intend to run multiple domains under a single affordable web hosting account, I would suggest you to take a look at the Linux Hosting packages offered by Eukhost. With the suggested packages, you can host unlimited number of domains under a single account.