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19 days of downtime and still no times on when site will be up?

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    19 days of downtime and still no times on when site will be up?


    I'm posting here because I have no idea where else to go with this. The ticket number is here:


    The site has now been down for a total of 19 days. I have absolutely no idea why this would be the case with any host. I've never heard of anything like it.

    I've chased on live chat, the phone and via email tickets but all I get told is either the ticket is being escalated or the tech guys are installing software on the server and will update the ticket when the site is back up and running. Maybe this would explain a a day or two but this long?

    The web site in question is a business that is losing custom by the day.


    Slight correction - its been down for 11 days.

    What is going on?


      Hi Mike,

      Our support team is communicating with you from our helpdesk and I can see dozens of replies from your side and their side. Our support team will inform you once the migration of your website gets completed to another windows server.

      If you can hire some webmaster with expertise in .NET, then please consider that option to fix the vulnerability in your code. We had to move your website to an insecure server, as you were not able to fix the insecure code. The new insecure server which was setup with global write permission for your website got infected within no time and this may happen again if the problem with the code is not fixed.

      We have many .NET webmasters on this forum and someone should be able to help you to fix the problem with your code.
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