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control panel with Windows Shared Hosting

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  • control panel with Windows Shared Hosting

    Can you still use cPanel with Windows Shared Hosting? If Windows Shared Hosting doesn't include cPanel, is the control panel very similar to cPanel? I mainly use cPanel for managing files and traffic and would like to have something as close as possible for those functions.

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    cPanel only supports Linux and few of its distros, so you would not be able to use it for managing any of the Windows Servers. You may instead choose DotNet Panel or Plesk for that purpose.

    If your website does not use any of the Windows components, why don't you opt for a Linux Shared Hosting package or even a Shared Cloud plan which offers cPanel ?


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      We offer cPanel with shared linux hosting packages, with Shared Windows web hosting we offer Plesk / DotNetPanel control panel which has all the useful resources necessary for maintenance of your website pages. The only difference between Plesk and Cpanel is the user interface - both Plesk and Cpanel feature sets are pretty much same, and both are reasonably fast, secure, and reliable.
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