No announcement yet. down since Thursday :(

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    Live chat got the site up again - but as you can see from my posts it does keep going down every few hours, hopefully your admins will check why it keeps going down so often...

    (copy from live chat)

    Joel N: ok here the case was the permission to the access.config file was not inherited properly.

    Joel N: so the permission has been assigned manually.

    Joel N: this has now been addressed from the server end

    mark: could something be running on the server that is overiding that setting every few hours because seriously the site keeps going down

    Joel N: ok I have conveyed this to my admins they will investigate this for you.

    mark: thanks very much


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      Looks like the server is more stable now as I havn't noticed the site going down in the last few days, thanks for sorting the issues and hope the stable server continues


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        Glad to know that Mark In case you need any other assistance, please feel free to post here.
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