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guess what...sites are all down again!!!

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  • guess what...sites are all down again!!!

    yet again all my sites are down...any notification from EUK??nope..none's up to me to go chase them again

    and support say

    Alistair: hi, can you tell me if you're able to access
    Alistair: I can't get to any of my sites!!
    Arthur: No it is not working
    Alistair: and why is that?
    Arthur: May I have the e-mail address, which you have registered with us at the time of signing up?
    Alistair: xxxxxxxxxx
    Arthur: Give me a moment please. I am looking into this.
    Arthur: We are working on this issue on server
    Arthur: few websites are down
    Arthur: It will resolve asap
    Arthur: you can check it after some time
    Arthur: Are you there with me ?
    Alistair: yes
    Arthur: Please check after some time

    please check after some time???? - Ever wondered where your old car is?

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    sites are still that's about 2 hours now (I notice from my monitoring logs they were down for 2 hours yesterday too)

    I'm tracking it this time as it's time to start talking about compensation. - Ever wondered where your old car is?


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      Hello Alistair,

      Apologies for the inconvenience!!

      The server faced a DDOS attack that resulted in packet loss. Though the server was online it became inaccessible frequently due to packet loss.

      At first it looked a network/routing issue to us, and was being investigated by our network engg. Upon investigating the noc engg reported that the server was under DDOS attack.

      Being a DDOS attack it took us some time to track the originating IP addresses and block them.

      The server is back online. We have installed security patches as precautionary measure and the network of this server will be monitored for next couple of hours.
      Chris White
      (Former eUK Employee)

      UK's premier web hosting company.