How to manually install DotNetNuke 4.5

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    How to manually install DotNetNuke 4.5

    Sometimes installing a CMS manually is a better option because it's difficult for us to constantly update the control panel auto-installer with all the latest versions of applications. This article will provide a step-by-step on installing Dotnetnuke 4.5

    1)First you need to be sure you have a hosting plan with an MS SQL database that you created in your control panel.

    2)download the latest version of Dotnetnuke at CMS Content Management, Open Source CMS, Free CMS - DotNetNuke[/url]

    3)extract all the files to a folder on your PC, then upload the content to the /wwwroot of your website.

    4)point your web browser to the install directory, like this example:
    This article will choose the custom install option, but you can also use the others and click Next.

    5)When you get to the database information page, you need to select the SQL server radio button, and not the SQL Express option. Then you need to uncheck "integrated security" so you can input your database info properly. Click
    "Test Database Connection" and upon success, click next.

    6)some DNN database scripts for DB connections. Upon success, click Next.

    7)Set up your Super User and Administrator accounts with a very difficult password combination.

    Select the modules you want installed. Checking all of the boxes is a good idea, as there's no harm in installing
    un-used modules.

    The rest of the installation should be easy enough.

    Best of Luck


    Re: How to manually install DotNetNuke 4.5

    Great Work,

    Harold, thanks for providing the detailed information.....
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      Re: How to manually install DotNetNuke 4.5

      Nice Share Harold...Keep it up............