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Host won't release domain names

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  • Host won't release domain names

    Pleas can you help, I have had my ecommerce website hosted (and looked after) by the same people for over 20 years. I have now decided to change as the service I now get from them is appalling.

    I have my .com and .uk domains with them, they were also charging me for the .org domain name but I have just found out that the .org is for sale, so I have been paying them under false pretences.

    They have refused to release my domain names.

    Please can you tell/show me the piece of UK law that I can use to persuade them to release my domain names?

    Also, how do I find out the date the .org became available, so I can also use this to persuade them to give back my domain names?

    Hope you can help a daughter of a distressed Mum

    Thank you in anticipation

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    I have also just realised they are also charging me for .net and that domain name is also for sale.

    Am looking forward to your solutions and advice


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      Lets see if this HELPS !!

      Hi !
      to eUKhost Forum !

      Your situation reminds me of several akin cases transpired in the recent past. Many registrars offer registration at a cheap price or even for free, but there's a hike when it comes to renewal or transfer. They intend to charge you more than the registration cost and this may be one of the reasons your request to transfer out the domains is declined. However, make sure you work out the exact reason for the request being put down by your registrar. ICANN helps you out with the List of Approved Dispute Resolution Service Providers to dispute your domains apart from .CO.UK.

      ICANN | List of Approved Dispute Resolution Service Providers

      For .CO.UK domain names you may link at the below informative center

      Nominet - Help

      The next thing you can do to transfer out your .CO.UK domain name is directly login to the Nominet access area and set a request to change the Registrar.

      Nominet charges 12.00 inc VAT. Remember our IPS Tag EUKHOST and you'll require it to mention to tranfer the domain over to us.


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        They have no reason to not give me my information, as we are always paid up to date and sometimes in advance, they are just being awkward.

        I will have a go at the links you have supplied and see where I get

        Thank you for your information, but I'm no teccy so will try and do the best I can with little information of how they have hijacked our domain names....we have been with them for over 20 years and the do all the updates on our site and always end up cocking everything else up and then force us to pay to correct their mistakes

        Any more help from anyone would be gratefully received, we are not stinking rich as can't pay for expensive lawyers

        Thank you again


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          Oh and forgot to say....I sent Nominet an email today telling them what has happened and asked for help, I will have a go with that link now



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            NOMINET will definitely help you out to release and transfer your .UK domain to any New Registrar. ICANN plays an important role in resolving the disputes against gTLD domains ( .com/.net/.org ).