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How to find out when new TLD's become available.

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  • How to find out when new TLD's become available.

    Hey Guys!

    I was just wondering about new TLD's and how one would tell when they become available. Is there somewhere online where we can follow to get updates on this? Just some type of heads up for people trying to register a good domain

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    IMO. the official site of ICANN- Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers should be the best place to check for updates. You might want to visit it here : www[dot]


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      Perhaps, you will get this information from different sources like internet forums, the websites of domain registrars etc, it's always a good option to keep an eye on the official site of ICANN as all the latest news regarding domain TLD's, policies etc. are posted on it.


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        Domain News Websites

        You can be sure that many domain name news websites ,such as,DomainNameNews and others will announce this kind of things as soon as possible.