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Futuristic Top Level Domains.

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  • Futuristic Top Level Domains.

    It would be delightful to receive some feedback on these new gTLD's :

    I believe that ICANN may completely change domain rules in the year 2012; Wherein internet users would give utter importance to the domain extension that comes after the dot and not before.

    Austin K

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    I personally think that it is a money making scam designed to scare companies into grabbing their tld out of fear of someone else putting a claim in. Not just that, but it is also completely not needed or wanted.

    I can't possibly think worse of it.


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      I have read about it and I think they are ridiculously expensive--way overblown. I don't know why ICANN have to charge that much--$25,000 for monthly maintenance or something like that. It's like hiring ten people just to look after the domain.


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        What is this all about? Is it just ICANN trying to make more money? I think there have been too many domain extensions already. I miss the days when we had only .com, .net and .org.


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          Is it really necessary to have New TLD's ? I think, the addition of New tld's in future will ever reduce the value of .COM domains.:smile:


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            Why is everyone here against this idea? If you can afford it, do it. If you can not or have no need for it, do not rain on a parade. I will always check a .com before anything else and I know others are like this too.
            I took a long vacation but I'm back!


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              One thing is for sure, with these prices, I know for a fact that NONE of us will be able to have access to these! Cranzi, I think that once people start to realize these new domains are out there, people will go to say "pepsi.soda" or something, rather than .com.


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                Interesting. I saw some pretty awesome domain extensions there...

                .love, .peace, .earth, .money

                If these are indeed going to be available for everybody, then I predict a pretty different image of the Internet in the next few years. However, being longer means there's going to be more difficult to access from mobile devices. I mean, who would want to type ".versicherung" from a smartphone...?


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                  Possibly, the domain extensions might grow big in numbers'. But, some limit is suppose to be set for the maximum length of new domain extensions or else the new extensions would compete with the length of domain names ( which is 68 Characters ). :smile: