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How To Preserve Expired Domain Name PR? Very Curious!

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  • How To Preserve Expired Domain Name PR? Very Curious!

    Hi ,

    I'm interested to buy domain name with PR, but I'm curious how do I keep the PR if I change all the content, or if I buy the domain without content. Is this possible?

    If not, I wonder why people keep buying it in the domain marketplace. Anyone can shed a light please?

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    IMO. there are three main reasons that make people buy expired domains, namely:

    1. Backlinks : This is one of the three most important factors for booking an expired domain name. It may be possible that it might have been registered in DMOZ and/or the Google and Yahoo directories. Such links offer a distinct benefit to the website in terms of search engine rankings.
    2) Profit : The domain names that have pagerank, has more age and hold strong backlinks are supposed to be very desirable and can be sold to a wide range of people who know the importance of such domains. Based on these factors and ofcourse how keen the buyer is in having the domain, one can make good profit from it.
    3) Creating a website over the expired domain : Based on the experience from number of webmasters, it is said that you tend to getting results in a shorter period of time, moreover it is said to achieve reputation much faster than it'd usually be achieved.