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  • Misspelled domain names

    What do you think about misspelled domain names? I just visited goggle dot com and they even use the same font style for the website's logo as Google uses.

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    What do you mean what do you think about them? I guess they are good for competitors of the site to come up with commonly misspelled website names and redirect to their own sites. I also think that it is good for we website owners if we could shell out to make misspellings go to our sites.


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      Some misspelled domain names are really valuable. I read that they were selling misspelled versions of "" (such as or for thousands of dollars.

      Some companies who have intentionally registered their domain name as a misspelled form of a word (Flickr, Twitter), have also acquired the correct version of the word.


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        Some are but it is still sometimes a pain when you are actually looking for one site that is correctly spelled yet get a ton of results for the sites you do not want. After being online this long I am still amazed more people have not found a way to make it the most profitable of domains to get (and expensive).
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