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How can I improve the value of a domain?

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  • How can I improve the value of a domain?

    I currently have a domain that is six years old. I have not done anything with it since I bought it so I've decided to sell it.

    It's long but has great marketing ability.

    What steps can I take to improve the value of this domain?


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    Factors such as :
    • Domain Age
    • Domain Authority
    • Backlinks
    • PageRank
    • The TLD
    • Domain Name (whether it contains keywords from a particular niche)

    all play a crucial role in deciding the value of a domain and whatever moves you take in improving these factors would help you get a better value for the domain.

    You may also park a domain on some of the domain reseller website and know the current value of your domain.
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      In order to increase a domain names value, you would have to have a great domain name with a high page rank. When the domain expires, it loses all its ranks, ect. However, if you renew and then sell or transfer it over to someone else, but they change all the websites content to something that is not so good, then there is gonna be a falling in ranking.


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        Many do not consider PR important nowadays. But you can judge the value by its domain authority (check seomoz) too. So make sure it's a good, brandable name, it has a nice age and you have valuable links pointing to it.


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          Though people nowadays don't give much importance to the Page Rank, however having a good page rank may increase the value of a domain name. Also, building quality backlinks that are from relevant and high authority websites may help to receive nice value of your domain name.


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            I really don't see the Page Ranking that relevant. I am not saying that Google doesn't apply it anymore, but anyway, it might not make it public the way we want. For instance, Google might say about a website that is PR2, when it's actually PR4. This would be for us to avoid striving to create so much inorganic links.


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              It is also necessary to have good positions of popular keywords in search engine results, so that the reputation of a domain increases. However, if the domain expires, all the reputation and rank will be lost. Also, if you renew and sold or transferred it to someone else and if they changed the website content and theme, still the rankings will fall. It is highly necessary for a buyer to make sure they run a website with same niche to gain most of the benefits.


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                Re: How can I improve the value of a domain?

                I think you should think about domain names all the time Maybe you will find out something very good and sell it for a lot of money


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                  Re: How can I improve the value of a domain?

                  In order to enhance the value of a domain name, it is important to work on the right keywords for it. Make sure that you have a good website layout with an easy navigation system. Publish informative content and supporting images on it. Plan on the relevant search engine optimization strategies and implement them on a regular basis. Also, getting backlinks from authoritative websites related to your niche is important.


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                    Re: How can I improve the value of a domain?

                    Thank you, the above information is quite helpful, I've shared this thread with my folks for more awareness


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                      Re: How can I improve the value of a domain?

                      Number of factors are important to increase the value of domain. Domain must be shorter in name and sourceful authority and should have strong connection with domain search and it's registration process. Secondly, it must belong to some reputable website with strong PR of links.