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Purchase domain name only with no web hosting

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  • Purchase domain name only with no web hosting


    Is it possible for me to purchase/buy only a domain name, but not to buy the web hosting service? I actually already have a web hosting place where I store all my files for the website, but the domain name is not nice


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    Yes, you can register a domain name from our website. If you have a hosting account with another provider, you can update the nameservers of the domain which you register with us and host it on his servers. Your current hosting provider will give you with the nameservers details. You can provide us with the same details, we can update the nameservers so that your domain gets resolved from his server. Please refer the below link to register a domain:-

    Domain Registration


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      Its indeed possible to register a domain with some company and host it with some other. But, from my experience it becomes a challenge to manage them both since they are with two different companies. I would suggest you to have them both with a single company for better ease and flexibility.

      Since you are planning to register a domain with eUKhost, I would recommend you to move your hosting account over to them maybe in future when your contract with your current host is over. We all would appreciate if you'd let us know your experience with managing both the accounts under a single hood.


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        Yeah, I would be curious to hear about your experience with managing both the accounts as well...

        My cousin used to do this. He had registered his domain name with a company, and later transfered it to eUKhost when he purchased his VPS from them. You should consider moving to eUKhost after your hosting period expires.


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          Generally, it's advisable to keep the domain name and hosting service at one place. This bcoz, dns and host record for the domain name can get updated instantly to resolve the domain name on web quickly.:smile: