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Is it worth to stick with .com even if...?

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  • Is it worth to stick with .com even if...?

    As far as internet marketing and SEO are concerned, is it better to register a long domain name with .com extension (because the short one is taken already) or a shorter domain name with another extension?

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    I think it depends on how long the long domain is. It it's not more than three words, it would still be my first choice. Otherwise I would consider the alternative.


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      I think three one-syllable words is not that long for a domain name. I have seen many websites which have longer domain names and still get a lot of traffic regularly.


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        If the main concern is only to get traffic for your website, then believe me its pretty simple.

        Imho. whats more important is to get organic and genuine traffic which would offer better chances of conversion. So try and get yourself a domain name which is related to the niche of the website, I think that should be more beneficial in the long run.


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          .COMs will always reign supreme. If you are serious about registering long tail .COM's I would reccommend that you look out for a bulk buying package. IMO, it is much more cost effective to buy a reseller package such as the one from ResellerClub and then use the fully usable desposit to make your purchases. I say ResellerClub coz they have the lowest rates in the industry.


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            It is not that important, as long as the website has quality content. Indeed .com is very popular and works great for every website, but others can do better as well.

            Just go for the one that sounds better and is easier to memorize.