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Question about email-domain switching

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  • Question about email-domain switching

    I have my own first domain and have switched my emails to the address with this domain. Now, I want to switch my email to a new domain without further paying for the older one?

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    Is that you transferred your company's email to a new domain? And now you want to move your email to yet another domain?

    If so, more details are required. Where have you hosted your email currently?


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      I bought two domains, both on sites A, B and C sites

      I currently use D site as my e-mail service, where I receive any e-mails sent to B site.

      I would like to have new e-mails be automatically sent to C site and stop paying for B site.


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        I think it's possible, just change the MX records to those for the new service and they'll start getting your mail.

        You can also migrate the old mail to the new provider depending on your old and new email providers.