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Selecting The Correct Domain Name

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  • Selecting The Correct Domain Name

    I am planning to setup a website and would like to register a domain name for it. I wish to know the most important aspects one should consider while selecting a domain name.

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    Selecting a domain name is a difficult task. Here are some important aspects you need to consider while choosing a domain name:

    1. Select a domain name that reflects your business profile
    2. Select a domain name that people can remember/recall
    3. If feasible, use your main keyword as the domain name
    4. Avoid the use of numbers in the domain name
    5. Make sure you choose a relevant domain name extension
    6. The domain name should not be too long
    7. Study the current rules and trademarks on domain names and donít violate them


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      The things to be considered while selecting a domain name :
      1. Select a domain name that resonates with the motto of your business.
      2. Avoid special characters in your domain name.
      3. Use a catch phrase as your business name
      4. Ensure you have right kind of domain extension like (.org if you are an NGO)
      5. Know about the domain names of your competitors