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    Domains : Basic Information

    Domain Name
    The unique name that identifies an Internet site. Domain Names always have 2 or more parts, separated by dots. The part on the left is the most specific, and the part on the right is the most general ( Technically, the domain name is a name that identifies an IP address. Simply stated, domain names allow people to find your web site by name rather than by its numerical (IP) address. What is easy to remember? or

    DNS (Domain Name System)
    A model for tracking other machines (that contain web sites) and their numeric IP addresses. Translates domain names (for example, into a numerical IP address such as When a computer is referred to by name, a domain name server puts that name into the numeric IP address assigned to that computer. So when you buy a domain, say EXAMPLE.COM, it does not become accessible until it gets assigned an IP address from a hosting company. Once the IP address is assigned, a cross-reference record (DNS record) is created that points your domain name to the numeric IP address.

    Domain Name Registration
    Often a hosting company will offer to register your domain name at the time you sign up for a hosting plan. This normally incurs an additional charge but may be cheaper and more convenient than using a separate domain name registration service. We recommend that you go ahead and register your domain name as soon as possible, especially if you think it will take some time to develop the site itself.

    Domain Parking
    Many hosting companies give you the option to 'park' your domain name without actually having your web site up and running. This is a nice option if you want to acquire a domain name for your web site well ahead of having the web site itself designed and constructed.
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    Do you having web hosting business?