Changes to Domain Verification from ICANN

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    Changes to Domain Verification from ICANN

    From 1st of January 2014, the Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) have updated the Registrar Accreditation Agreement (RAA). It contains several changes that the Registrant of the domain names need to comply with. Under the ICANN WDRP (Whois Data Reminder Policy) a verification message will be sent to the registrant email address of the respective domain name. It is mandatory that you respond to the email.

    The major changes includes :

    1. Whenever you register a new domain name, eNom will send a verification email to the Registrants email address on the date of registration itself.

    2. You will need to click the link mentioned in the email. Once done, eNom will consider you as a verified Registrant of the domain name. All the future domain registrations by the Registrant will be considered as verified and will not be subject to the verification process.

    3. ICANN has mandated the same verification process for the change of contact information (First & Last Name, Email Address).

    4. The Registrant of the domain name has 15 days to complete the verification process. If the Registrant fails to complete the verification process within 15 days, ENOM will suspend the domain name and post a note explaining about how the Registrant can validate the Domain Name Registration or Change of Contact Details.

    5. Please be advised that there is a probability of the verification email landing up in your Spam Filter. Hence, you're requested to check the spam folder as well. If the verification email bounces back, then ENOm will consider it as an 'Invalid' email address and will suspend the domain registration right away. To reinstate the domain name, you will have to login to your client area, update the correct email address and request our Billing Department to resend the Verification email.

    Re: Changes to Domain Verification from ICANN

    The main authority of domain names is the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). As part of a recent change to their policies, all registrars are now required to validate a registrant's email address before changing it. We are required by ICANN to suspend any domains that are not validated within 15 days of being asked to do so.
    The process of the verification is below-
    1. Log in to your Control Panel
    2. Select the domain you wish to manage from the Your domains dropdown box and press Manage.
    3. Select Contact Details from the Domain Basics section.
    4. Update the required information and then click Update information to save.
    If you have registered a domain name since 1st January 2014
    If you have updated any contact information since 1st January 2014
    If you have attempted to transfer your domain since 1st January 2014
    5. Log in to your 123-reg Control Panel.
    6. From your domain name drop down menu, select the ICANN Domain name you wish to verify and click the Manage button.