Nominet introduces Domain Lock for .uk names

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    Nominet introduces Domain Lock for .uk names

    Nominet, the .uk domain registry has recently introduced the option of locking a .uk domain name. Nominet introduced this option with an aim of enhancing the security against Domain Name System (DNS) Hijacking. This service would be most suitable for high valued websites, financial services, media companies and websites with heavy traffic.

    DNS Hijacking is an unauthorized change in the DNS of a domain name that redirects the visitor to a different website which may contain malware, advertisements etc. It can also lead the visitor to a phishing website or data scraping website wherein data is collected without ones consent.

    DNS Hijacking can certainly disrupt a company's online reputation. It can hamper the online sales / business. Such cases are rare but on the increase. Hence, Nominet has introduced this lock which will compel the users to verify their ownership before they can make any changes to the domain name.

    This means that the domain name will be locked at the Nominet Registry and no one will be able to make any changes to the DNS unless the domain name has been unlocked.

    What does this lock system do?

    a. It prevents the change of nameservers.
    b. It prevents unauthorized change of Registrant Name, address or contact details.
    c. It helps to prevent unauthorized transfer of the domain name from one registrar to another.

    Should you wish to have any more information on Domain Lock, please feel free to contact our Billing Department through Live Chat support. You can also login to the client area and submit a ticket to the Billing department.

    Re: Nominet introduces Domain Lock for .uk names

    Domain locking is a great feature which can be used by webmasters to prevent themselves from DNS Hijacking.

    It is an essential security precaution which should be made use of in order to prevent your domain name from being hijacked.

    Unless you are looking to transfer your domain name it is advisable that you keep it Locked.
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      Re: Nominet introduces Domain Lock for .uk names

      Yes Eric, the cases of DNS hijacking are quite few but one cannot risk the company's online reputation. It's better to be safe than to be sorry


        Re: Nominet introduces Domain Lock for .uk names

        DNS Hijacking & Domain Squatting are two different terms
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          Re: Nominet introduces Domain Lock for .uk names

          Originally posted by Rock View Post
          DNS Hijacking & Domain Squatting are two different terms
          Christmas already? I mean, I thought we would have at least got through Easter, but...


            Re: Nominet introduces Domain Lock for .uk names

            This is a great feature introduced by NOMINET. I would like share the steps required to lock / unlock the domain name.

            The 'Domain Lock' is a chargeable feature at NOMINET which allows the .UK TLDs to be locked at the 'Registry' level.
            If the domain lock is activated for any .UK domain then no changes can be made to the Domain Name System configuration until its authorized by pre-defined representative through the authentication steps. Basically, the client needs to pay 100 pounds ( Annually ) inclusive of VAT in order to have 'Domain Lock' applied against any single .UK domain name.

            1. Suppose, client has requested for the 'Domain Lock' for the domain name :'xxxxxxx.CO.UK' and ready to pay its cost. Our Billing Executive will generate the invoice for 'Domain Lock' and send it to the client for the payment.

            2. Once the payment for the 'Domain Lock' is received, our Billing Executive will place 'Domain Lock' request for the domain name : 'xxxxxxx.CO.UK' through NOMINET Control Panel.

            3. Once the NOMINET receives the 'Domain Lock' request, they will email us ( Domain provider ) to provide credentials that will allow us to unlock the domain in the future. NOMINET will email us the 'Domain Unlock Contact Form' for the domain name 'xxxxxxx.CO.UK'. We need to provide a passphrase to NOMINET so that NOMINET can contact the Domain Lock Primary Contact and confirm the form is genuine. Also, we need to provide NOMINET the passphrases associated to at least 'Two Additional Contacts' to allow them to unlock the domain in the future. Finally, we need to fill-up the 'Domain Unlock Contact Form' and send the form via courier to NOMINET address.

            4. Once the courier is received at NOMINET, The NOMINET representative will contact the 'Domain Lock Primary Contact' and confirm the letter passphrase over the telephone. Also, the 'Two Additional Contacts' details are to be added under the 'Billing Contacts' in the NOMINET control Panel. Once this is done, the 'Domain Lock' is enabled / activated for the domain name : :'xxxxxxx.CO.UK'.

            Furthermore, if you wish to unlock the domain name, you will have to contact us by submitting a ticket to the Billing Department. We will unlock the domain by using the Domain Unlock Contact credentials supplied in the 'Domain Unlock Contact Form'. The domain will remain unlocked for 20 minutes after which it will automatically relock.