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Gallop ahead with the .HORSE TLD

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  • Gallop ahead with the .HORSE TLD

    The Horse is one of the 12-year cycles of animals which appear in the Chinese zodiac related to the Chinese calendar. Horses were considered as the fastest mode of traveling before the industrial revolution. Horse Wagons have been famous all across the globe. Horses have also played an important role during wars in the medieval period.

    Looking at all the positive aspects of Horses, Internets Governing body ICANN has released .HORSE TLD. The .HORSE domain TLD will offer plenty of benefits as it shall attract a dedicated segment of visitors.

    (dot)HORSE domain can be used by/for:
    • Horse Racing
    • Steeplechase and other sports
    • Betting Websites
    • Horseshoe magnet dealers
    • Horse Rides
    • Horse Breeders
    • Horse Leather
    • Horse Lovers
    • Stuffed Toys Manufacturers
    • Horse Trainers
    • Horse Food Sellers
    • Horse Accessories dealers
    • Bloggers and Writers

    So here is a chance for all the Horse lovers and others having interests in horses to book their own domain name. The .HORSE Domain can be registered directly on the below link: