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Does Cooking Interest You ? Here's a chance to Book a .Cooking Domain Name and Share Your Recipes!

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  • Does Cooking Interest You ? Here's a chance to Book a .Cooking Domain Name and Share Your Recipes!

    Cooking has been one of the most discussed and shared topics over the Internet today. As a result an entire Industry has flourished around it. Cooking enthusiasts, professionals etc. are seen posting actively across social networks, forums and other public discussion boards. Now wonder, that’s one of the reasons for an enormous response for registering a .Cooking domain name.

    Globally, there are various customs and traditions that are followed, so are the recipe’s and their methods. Since Internet connects everyone from the farthest point of the world, sharing cooking recipes over a website of your own can not just help people learn the cooking styles you know, but also help yourself with remembering them for you.

    Running a quick search over the search engines would give you an hint about the massive number of domains registered with .Cooking extension. It wouldn’t be surprising to see the pool of .Cooking domains shrink soon. But before it does, it’s time that you grab yours today.

    Ok, confused about how you could make use of it after registering such a domain?
    Well here’s what you can start:
    • Teach cooking with fundamental concepts and methods
    • List menu guides with the nutrition elaboration & calculators.
    • Principles of Veg & Non-veg cookery
    • Show your expertise by explaining about the correct equipment’s for cooking.
    • Selection of additives, herbs and spices
    • Since selfies are currently in trend, you many even create videos of yourselves and upload them to your website, embed it in youtube and much more.
    • Share Tips and tricks on cooking & how to serve safe and healthy food.
    • Run Dedicated academic support and tutoring.
    • Setup Guest appearances of Industry experts and arrange webinars on special dishes.
    • Educate others by offering an Exposure to your culture, food and presentation styles
    • If you aren’t interested in cooking but are a kitchen accessory retailer, you may set-up an estore and sell it to users
    • To make it more interesting you might want to add sections such as non-commercial or commercial--issues, news, culture, lifestyle, entertainment, to add another dimension to your online venture

    “Cooking interests almost everyone, at times it’s a child's play so do adults seek joy doing it. Afterall, cooking is an act of love.”
    ‘.COOKING’ provides an opportunity for everyone to connect, all at the cost of just a single TLD which is directly linked with cooking. There has been a lot of emphasis given across the web on user experience, hence a domain with .COOKING gTLD extension offers a strong reason to users for feeling the connection. To sum-up, a domain with .Cooking extension would :
    • enable users to relate to you
    • simplicity in remembering the website and its purpose
    • niche specific hence better findability
    • better findability, means better search engine placements
    • better placements, hence more business/traffic - just incase you are running ads.

    Registrations of .Cooking are open to everyone, companies and individuals. It is open to all to use from any country. General Availability Date :15/09/2014.

    For any further queries you may contact our Billing Departmentt any time on live chat or on our Toll Free no. 0800 862 0380
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