BOOST your IT Business with the Dot SOFTWARE Domain!!!

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    BOOST your IT Business with the Dot SOFTWARE Domain!!!

    Computer Software
    or simply Software is any set of machine-readable instructions that directs a computer's processor to perform specific operations. - Wikipedia

    Software can be categorized into 2 types based on function, or field of use.
    1. Application Software
    2. System Software

    1. Application Software - Application software is a set of one or more programs designed to carry out operations for a specific program or application. Application software cannot function all by itself and is dependent on system software to execute.

    2. System Software - System software is computer software designed to control and operate the computer hardware and to act as a platform for running application software. Further the system software can be categorized into two different types, Utility Software and Operating System.

    Another way of Bifurcating Software’s could be as below:

    • Shareware - generally intended to be sold after the trial period.
    • Liteware – it is basically same as shareware but has few features disabled.
    • Freeware – The software is free but has copyright restrictions.
    • Public Domain Software – The software is free and has no restrictions.
    • Open Source – This software has the source code freely available and users agree upon not limiting the distribution of modifications and improvements in the software.

    ICANN has released the .SOFTWARE Domain. The domain shall be available for general public on 10th December 2014. You can pre-register your .SOFTWARE Domain on the following link

    Who can make use of .SOFTWARE Domain?

    Software Developers

    Software Manufacturing Companies

    Code Writers

    Software Designers

    Software Resellers and Distributors

    Software Testers

    Anyone having an interest in Software

    Pre-register your .SOFTWARE Domain here

    Thanks for your precious information.


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