Come be a part of the .TECH Revolution

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    Come be a part of the .TECH Revolution

    Who/What is more important? The Technician OR The Technology?

    Well some questions dont really need to be answered
    Coz it could lead to a long debate & each minute saved is a minute gained!

    Actually both the Technician and the Technology go hand in hand.

    There are many words that come to our mind when we hear the word TECH. It can be Technology, Technical, Technician, Technic, etc.

    Its basically the Technic used by the Technician using the latest Technology and his Technical expertise that makes our lives problem free and luxurious.

    Let me explain you the above line with an example.

    Its basically the Technic (Knowledge of flying an aircraft) used by the Technician (Pilot) using the latest Technology (Aero plane) and his Technical expertise (Aero plane flying skills) that makes our lives (Air Travel) problem free and luxurious.

    The Technical Team is considered one of the most Important and Skilled team in an Organization and is looked upon by the clients as a Savior to their problems.

    We all are technicians. Whatever might be our Job and Profile. Each of us has a hidden technician within ourselves who helps us solve the day to day issues as they come up. We also have a Master Technician (GOD) who watches over us night and day and gives us the strength to face each passing day.

    Considering the significance of the .TECH TLD, the Domain governing body ICANN has decided to release the .TECH TLD

    The .TECH domain name shall be out for registration on 5th August 2015. Come and be a pioneer of .TECH domain and gain an advantage over your competitors.

    You can order the .TECH Domain of your choice on the below link:

    .TECH domains are most beneficial for:

    Webmasters and Technical Administrators
    Research and Development Companies
    Technological Colleges and Institutions
    Technical Bloggers and Writers
    Testers and Code Developers
    Web Hosting Companies
    Technology Companies
    Engineering Students
    Domain Auctioneers
    Technical Experts
    Tech Geeks

    Why use .Tech (Advantages)

    To reach to a specific band of customers
    It can be an easier place to be found (technical searches)
    .Tech shall be preferred by all the web wizards and technical experts as it highlights their passion
    Stay in touch with other crazy and genius Techs
    A common platform for all the technicians working on various technologies

    Come be a part of the .TECH Revolution with the Domain of your choice

    Re: Come be a part of the .TECH Revolution

    I was looking for updates on the .Tech domain. After reading the information that you have provided, I am lured to sign up for a .Tech domain. You have presented the information in a good way, well written. Thanks for the share.


      Re: Come be a part of the .TECH Revolution

      I am looking forward to the launch date of .Tech domain. I have thought of a couple of domain names, lets see what happens. When I was reading your post I did not feel like I was reading, but I felt like communication. You have written a commendable post, great keep it up.


        Re: Come be a part of the .TECH Revolution

        Very nice article, thanks for sharing


          Re: Come be a part of the .TECH Revolution

          Nice information provided. I want to start my website regarding technical writing and was planning to sign up for a .Com domain, but as you have stated it in the advantages that technical writers can also benefit from the. Tech domain name, therefore I want to experience this benefit.


            Re: Come be a part of the .TECH Revolution

            I'll book a handful of them.. Thanks for pointing out Dennis!
            Rock _a.k.a._ Jack Daniel

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              Re: Come be a part of the .TECH Revolution

              Hello Everyone,

              Good job Dennis

              .TECH TLD will make a huge difference in the domain world. It will be much easier for the IT experts and IT professionals to convey their solutions to the market in a very straight forward manner. This is will definitely take the Technology world to the next level. It will be interesting to see how the registration starts and at what speed the domains gets registered. Looking forward to it.

              Happy weekend

              Rex Miller