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Be a part of the Educational Revolution With the Dot College Domain

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  • Be a part of the Educational Revolution With the Dot College Domain

    College is defined as, “an educational institution or establishment, providing higher education or specialized professional or vocational training”.
    College includes Junior college, Graduation, Post-Graduation, Doctorate, etc. Various types of courses such as Vocational Training, Professional Training, Job Oriented Courses, Technical courses, etc are included in academics.

    Schools shape our young minds, but Colleges polish and design our minds and make us ready to face the world full of competition.

    College is like a new world for the students who pass out from school. College days are the most enjoyable as one gets an exposure to everything – Friends, Girlfriend/s, Bunking, Library, Group Study, Canteen, Valentine’s week, Projects, Cultural Programs, Sports, Lectures, Submissions, Seminars, Practical’s, Assignments, Picnics, Internship, etc.

    It’s college in which they learn to take their own decisions (courses / streams). The journey towards achieving the Aim of one’s life begins from College.

    Looking at the popularity of colleges among not only the youth, but also many other segments of the society, the internet governing body – ICANN decided to launch the Dot College (.college) Domain TLD on 29th September 2015.

    The .COLLEGE Domain TLD can be ordered on

    .COLLEGE domain TLD can be used by:
    • Universities
    • Colleges
    • Educational Institutes Providing Professional Courses
    • Coaching Classes
    • Technical Institutions
    • Educational Organizations
    • Education Related Services
    • Academic Institutions
    • Student Committees
    • Anyone who is linked to college or has wonderful memories of College days.

    The Education Industry is believed to be one of the most flourishing industries in the future. Be a part of the Educational Revolution and Book the .COLLEGE TLD of your choice on

    For any queries you may contact us on [email protected] or contact us on live chat-

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    Re: Be a part of the Educational Revolution With the Dot College Domain

    Yes, many of us would have fond memories of our college days; this new gTLD .college will certainly benefit colleges and college level institutes. Thanks for providing this info.


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      Re: Be a part of the Educational Revolution With the Dot College Domain

      Good to know info, thanks for the share . .


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