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Registration of .NGO and .ONG TLDs arriving soon !

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  • Registration of .NGO and .ONG TLDs arriving soon !

    For more than 30 years, the .ORG domain has served with over 10 million domains, providing *online venue for companies, institution, clubs and individuals to connect with their audiences about their interest and dedication. It has built its image as the 3rd largest GTLD (Generic Top Level Domain) after .com and .net domain names.

    Public Interest Registry (PIR) is the domain registry who owns and operates .ORG domain. It's looking to extend its hand and introduce two new TLD's in the market. These new domains will be officially appointed for non-governmental organizations internationally.

    NGO stands for “non-governmental organisation” and “ONG” means “non-governmental organization” for the countries preferring romance language. (Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, and Romanian.)

    NGO and .ONG will be bundled or sold as a package, the owner of .NGO will hold the right to register .ONG too. This will allow the registrant to register the domain name in both romance and non-romance languages.

    The Organisation registering for these new domains will also be included in the new online directory of PIR. The NGO's will be able to create profile pages and accept donations online. This is an additional benefit.

    Why nonprofits organisation should opt for fresh.NGO and.ONG domains?

    Validation: Only nonprofit organisations will be able to register .NGO and.ONG domains. Therefore, the validation process is streamlined.

    Establish Trust: These new TLDs are only available for nonprofit organisations. Hence, the supporters, volunteers and the donors of these organisations can be fully assured that the organisations are validated legally.

    Visibility: The domain's organisation details will be added in the online NGO directly of PIR - Public Interest Registry.

    Global Reach: It allows organisation to register both the domain names in romance and non-romance languages. It also helps the organisation, supporters and donors to expand their reach worldwide.

    Registration Starts: Wednesday, December 2, 2015

    For further queries, please contact Billing Department.

    Shawn Davis.

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    Re: Registration of .NGO and .ONG TLDs arriving soon !

    .NGO domain is a closed domain and the nonprofit organizations will have to prove that they are a nonprofit organization in order to avail and use this new domain gTLD. This domain extension .NGO will make the visitors feel more secure and it will validate the charitable organizations’ website which has this domain extension. Thanks for the information, nice post.


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      Re: Registration of .NGO and .ONG TLDs arriving soon !

      When a non-governmental organization registers .NGO & .ONG domain names the email addresses that can be created for communication with the benefactors and supporters will instill in them the confidence that the nonprofit organization is reliable, trustworthy and legitimate.


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        Re: Registration of .NGO and .ONG TLDs arriving soon !

        Good to know enom is allowing different TLD extensions to register, could it be possible to start a NGO forum with the domain registration?