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Changing my domain name

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  • Changing my domain name

    My company has just merged with another company. We have decided to change the domain name of our website. In doing so Iím worried about my current website visitors. Is there an easy way to redirect or point my visitors to my new domain name?

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    Re: Changing my domain name

    Sorry if I am too late to answer this, but in case I'm not, I will answer anyway.

    Changing your domain name in order to not lose traffic and to not lose search engine ranking is a bit tricky, but not impossible. You will see search engine ranking drop though, but it should quickly improve again on the new domain.

    So here it goes:

    1. Back up your site:
    This includes files and database. If you aren't completely sure how to do this or what to back up, there are backup tools out there that you develop a list of pages, downloads, title tags, meta data, and everything in between that you currently have on your site which needs to be preserved when moved over to the new domain.

    2. Create a 301 redirect:
    This will direct browsers and link activity from your old domain to your new domain. WARNING: pay special attention that you do this part correctly, as you will lose your ranking and traffic if this step isn't implemented correctly.

    3. Create a holding page on the new domain:
    This really just gets your new domain noticed as soon as possible, before you have even done the full move over of the old site content to the new one. This step isn't necessary, but showing that the site is coming soon and that the domain itself is owned is a good practice.

    4. Test the site on the new domain:
    Don't just assume that you can copy and paste and everything will remain exactly the same. You need to test and retest everything on your site to make sure it is working correctly and looks the way it should. Test for broken links, content issues, etc.

    5. Launch your new site:
    Go live on the new domain and keep an eye on performance.

    6. Verification
    Don't forget to verify the domain switch through your Google Analytics account with the Webmaster Tools.

    Good luck!
    Let me know how it goes.


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      Nice outline! Very helpful!


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        If you want to change your domain, it affected your website ranking on the search engines and Google can neglect the SEO work of your old domain. If the ranking of your website is good, then you can redirect your website domain to the new domain. It will not reduce the ranking of your old domain.