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  • Domain name strength

    how much relevance does google or yahoo give to the domain name as far as search rankings go?

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    Originally posted by ceejay77 View Post
    how much relevance does google or yahoo give to the domain name as far as search rankings go?
    to the forums!

    Practically, your domain names should contain your top keywords. That will help you to achieve good ranking in SE.


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      I am not sure about Google and Yahoo but I've observed that (MSN) search results are dominated with keyword, for example just check the keywords "cheap flights" at, you will find the results of, Ok, I personally prefer to choose the domain name which are easy to spell and remember because it’s for people.


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        The idea of having an important keyword in your domain name for better search engine rankings has been debated many a times before. Even if it helps, it is only a minute factor that goes into calculation of site's rankings. Crawler based services do not search for generic keywords in the domain name. Keywords in the page content and title tags are more important and valuable.
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          It’s the content, keyword rich unique content which gives priority by major search engines while deciding ranking for any domain.
          Yes, keyword in domain name may help you a bit but its not a major factor which is responsible for SERP. I do agree with Paul : “the domain name should be easy to spell and remember because it’s for people. “


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            I agree with Ryan and Harry, it all depends on the content and how effectively you optimize your targeted keywords.


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              It is suggested that you choose a .com TLD which is preferred all over the World. A keyword in the Domain name may help you but the Content of the Website is really important.


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                The .com TLD is a commercial TLD and is open to be registered by anyone throughout the world. The S - TLD's were introduced because if a domain is registered by someone and if someone also wished to have the same domain, then he had no option to choose for a different domain or to wait until the domain is available for Re-registration which was not at all possible.

                The S - TLD's then gave the chance to have the same domain but with the counrty extension however can specify or recognise as a commercial domain. This also helped for google ranking pages if the keywords were searched in google for that specific country.

                As told by Ryan & Harry , it is really important that you have the correct content and unique data on the pages of your website which would give growth to the Keywords you have tagged and also some keywords which could match the searches made by a viewer in google or any search engines.

                You should have back links associated to those websites which have similar data which could also help your website to boost up for rankings in the search engines.
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                  domain change

                  once a site has been set up can the domain name be changed without changing search results


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                    Google values your domain name very much. Two factors considered by Google as far as domains are concerned are Domain Age and Domain Name.

                    The more relevant your Domain Name (preferablly your best keyword) is with your business the more weightage it gets from search engines.