CentOS Issue: Need to find remote packages for a particular file

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    CentOS Issue: Need to find remote packages for a particular file

    Frequently, it keeps happening with me all the times, that I forget the remote packages that contains the essential files for the installation of something. I want to search all those files required for installation. Is there any way to search for such files in CentOS?

    I think you can try the following:

    yum whatprovides FileName

    Kindly let us know if you get some success with this command.


      Thanks for the help, Catherine. Yes, the command you have provided worked. Can you please provide me some more commands that I can use for several things?


        Hello NikkyG, here are some useful basic Yum commands listed below, that you can use to update, install or remove a package :

        Installing a package:

        yum install package
        Example: yum install apache

        Removing a package:

        yum remove package
        Example: yum remove apache

        Updating a package:

        yum update package
        Example: yum update apache

        Searching for a package:

        yum search package
        Example: yum search apache

        Finding info about a package:

        yum info package
        Example: yum info apache

        Listing packages that contains a certain term:

        yum list term
        Example: yum list apache

        Finding what package that provides a particular file:

        yum whatprovides filename
        Example: yum whatprovides httpd.conf