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    Secure Hosting - Factors

    If you are planning to go for one, make sure that the company you have selected provides secure web hosting services. With so many security threats in the online world secure web hosting is an absolute necessity in case you run an ecommerce site.There are some basic factors that you need to keep in mind, before you opt for a particular web hosting service provider. These include:

    * Check out whether the web hosting company has dedicated servers. It is always better to go for reputed companies that have established themselves as reliable and secure hosting provider.
    * In case your web hosting company offers domain registration, make sure that they are ready to register a domain name according to your preference.
    * Ask your web hosting company on what platform will they host your web site. Windows operation system, though a bit more expensive, ensures more security than Linux or any other platforms.
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    Never forget to read the Terms of Service (TOS) provided by the web hosting provider. It is much helpful after the agreement is signed up. Many web hosts don't provide the solutions or things that are promised before the sign-up. By reading the terms of service clients can be aware about the things that will not be offered afterwords.