Configuring account with Rapid SSL

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  • Macdale
    Yes, definitely you can add on the Rapid SSL. The change of the MS SQL version completely depends upon the web hosting package you choose. MS SQL is a database and Enterprise is a version of MS SQL 2005 database. It is a default database version that is offered with the Cheap Windows Reseller Hosting package at no additional cost.

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  • SalonJud
    started a topic Configuring account with Rapid SSL

    Configuring account with Rapid SSL

    I was just wondering that, if I need to change the configuration of my account (i.e. Add Rapid SSL or change MSSQL, can I do that with my reseller account? Also, how does the choice of MS Server will affect me? Honestly saying, I really don't know, what exactly MSSQL Enterprise mean ? Is this Microsoft SQL Server?