Migration of VPS to Dedicated Server

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    Migration of VPS to Dedicated Server

    Suppose, if I want to migrate my existing VPS to a new dedicated web server, how will it affect the uptime and how is the process of the migration? What measures do you take to minimize the downtime?

    Firstly, let me explain you the process of the migration to you. When you place an order for a dedicated server, as soon as you receive the Welcome email!, you can open a ticket/email to the Linux Dedicated Department and request for the migration of VPS to Dedicated Server Hosting. Once the migration is over, you can confirm if all your website data is migrated on the new dedicated server. After that, you can make any DNS changes you want.

    In order to maintain the 100% uptime, your existing VPS is kept active as well, thus, there is no downtime. Later on, you can ask our billing department to cancel your VPS.