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  • CRM Hosting and Requirements

    I have been wondering about some of our requiements, such as Email Hosting, websites hosting, remote servers (cloud or dedicated) to store our files, documents, etc... As well as we need to host our CRM (customer relationship management) software on your server.

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    Hello and Welcome to !

    As per your requirements, a cloud server is suitable for your email, websites and CRM hosting needs. May I know, which CRM are you planning to host on our servers and what are the exact requirements ?


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      Yeah, sure... It's Terrasoft CRM, basically developed in Russia. Well, the properties of your cloud servers are bit lower, as I see on your website. Our current requirements are Intel Xeon dual 2.8GHz, AMD Opteron 3.4GHz, and RAM 2-3GB. Currently, we have around 18 employed people and will be extending more in the coming days...


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        Alright Nikky, looking towards your requirements, you can go with one of our fully managed dedicated server hosting packages, these are high configuration servers, specifically built for such requirements. May I know, what platform are you looking for - Linux or Windows platform ?


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          Well, I am not familiar with Linux that much.. so, Windows based servers would be fine for me. Can you offer me a Trial access for a few days ? so, that I can test it. Where are your servers physically located ? Since, we are based in Ukraine, we would prefer to have a hosting somewhere in Europe.


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            Sorry but, unfortunately, we don't offer trial on any of our hosting plans. Our servers are located in UK and US. Do let us know, if you have any more questions on your mind or simply visit our site for Live chat help with our well experienced Sales Team...


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              According to my knowledge, this particular CRM requires Windows platform and supports MSSQL databases, hence a Windows Dedicated Hosting server must be chosen. You might want to take a look at : System Requirements of Terrasoft CRM : http:// www.


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                Here are some questions -- technical and strategic -- to ask when considering an investment in CRM applications:
                # Should we consider an on-demand SaaS, or an on-premise CRM product?

                # Should we look at SMB products from the larger vendors (i.e., SAP AG and Oracle Corp./Siebel), or should we look at offerings from smaller companies that focus exclusively on
                # Would an industry-specific CRM product best meet our needs, or should we plan to have customized, more "horizontal" CRM?

                # Would open source CRM technology be a good fit for an SMB?
                crm systems