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Classified Website Hosting : Dedicated or Cloud ?

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  • Classified Website Hosting : Dedicated or Cloud ?

    Recently, I hold two great classified websites based on PHP and MySQL. Currently, its giving out around 300 visitors/month and I am expecting to gain decent traffic within a year.

    So, what would you suggest me to go for ?

    I have decided the following two solutions:

    1) A fully managed web hosting server which will cost me around $160/month.

    2) A fully managed cloud solution, which will cost me around $100/month.

    It's hard to decide, what would you recommend ?

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    A cloud offering from a uk web hosting provider would be more affordable since, cloud is known for greater reliability, flexibility, scalability and offers 100% network uptime. But, if you need more security then a dedicated server would be a great option solution than that of Cloud solution. In future, if your classified grows larger than you are expecting you can easily upgrade your hosting plan to a Dedicated.


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      Since, your monthly visitors are around 300, I would suggest you to with a small business hosting package at this initial stage. If in future, your web hosting requirements increases, you can opt for any higher web hosting package such as VPS, cloud or a dedicated. But, IMO you should opt for a business hosting plan.


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        300 visitors per month isn't a large volume of traffic for now. Though Im sure it'd increase in future as your site becomes more popular.
        Until your website requirements starts to increase, I would suggest you to keep the expenditure low. Im not sure about the size of your website, based on certain assumptions, I would like to suggest you to take a look at the Cloud-01 plan offered with their Shared Cloud solutions. The resources offered with it should be enough for now (my assumption though).


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          I would like to highly recommend go through dedicate server as result of this, your website will meet the standard of search engine algorithm and also it will aid to you keep secure your website through cheap ssl certificate installation including easy and simple term.
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