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Is VPS Hosting Better than Reseller Hosting ?

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  • Is VPS Hosting Better than Reseller Hosting ?

    Since, last few weeks I have been researching about VPS and Reseller and now trying to decide that Should I go ahead and choose a VPS for my client sites ? Currently, I have a reseller hosting account with another hosting provider that is giving me some trouble. I think it might be because there may be some resource hog customers on the other reseller hosting accounts. Hence, wondering if the VPS can solve the problem ? I am looking for a solution that is more stable and reliable as I have some clients hosting political and e-commerce stores on it. I need to keep these sites up and running round the clock. So, requires a reliable, stable and high availability solution.

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    Well IMO, the overall decision of choosing a solution should be based on the form of web hosting you think may be ideal for you and your clients. Basically, reseller hosting is quite a good solution for beginners, while the VPS Hosting solutions are preferred mostly by professionals or webmasters who wants their websites to be online as much of the time as possible. Secondly, factor such as Level of support, server reliability and budget may effect your decision. Hence, you need to decide what is more important to you, the quality or the Price, as reseller hosting accounts are more cheaper than VPS Hosting. Definitely, VPS Hosting solution is a reliable, stable and high availability solution however, the above factors matters a lot.


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      Of course another bonus of VPS over Reseller is the ability to have full control over what is on your server. So for instance if you wanted to install a custom application (e.g. game based software for a private game server) on your hosting you would be able to do this with a VPS and set custom security rules.
      Interesting, let me think on this....... to the think tank!


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        Upgrading to VPS would be fine for you. However, I would recommend you to opt for a Cloud server over a VPS as you said you want your websites up and running round the clock.

        Cloud server hosting environment makes use of a number of different servers in a cluster to ensure that there will always be at least one server available to cope up with the load on the cluster or to replace a crashed server. The hosting is spread across the entire Cloud and each server is generally assigned to perform a single task meaning that a single cloud hosting account will never be relying on an individual server in the cloud hosting environment. So this architecture offers a 100% uptime guarantee and hence your website will always be up and running round the clock.

        Cloud server is also scalable in terms of resources and you can upgrade the resources anytime.


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          As compare to resource allocation, VPS is always better than Reseller hosting..VPS will also come more cheaper for you and less hassle, as you get root access to your VPS account........I guess you are looking for a reseller hosting business, so in my opinion you should purchase VPS and start reselling it.


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            Right, a VPS would be a better option when it comes for reselling hosting services. VPSs have dedicated resource allocation along with Root/Admin access hence you have total control on your server with excellent hosting environment.
            As your business grow you can upgrade your VPS and can go with cloud server which are based on high end networking concept where multiple servers are interconnected to form a cluster which endure 100% power & uptime guarantee.
            Well, for now a VPS hosting solution is highly recommended.