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  • Starting an e-mail hosting service

    While I'm clear about the website hosting aspects, I have to say I'm still a bit of a newbie when it comes to e-mail hosting.

    Is it possible to start an e-mail service on eUKhost servers? You know, something with unlimited number of inboxes, like, but on a smaller scale... I was thinking of following the steps in this article: - How to Start an Email Service

    As far as I understood, there are two options -- the regular e-mail hosting and the Zimbra Hosting. Or are those just for personal use, with a limited number or accounts?

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    It is definitely possible for you to start an Email hosting service with our Servers. When it comes to regular email hosting, you can consider a dedicated server, host your domain on it and provide email accounts to your customers. You can create unlimited email accounts and the only limit will be the disk space assigned to the server, however, in this case, only regular features of emails will be available to customers.

    The other option is to consider a Dedicated server and install Zimbra on it. This option will offer more features to your customers, however, there will be some limitations in this case.


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      The packages to suffice your purpose already exists at their website, take a look for yourself :
      • Email Hosting - These packages enables you to operate personal or business e-correspondence on the hosting server with an extended level of reliability and security. It also enables clients with creation of mail boxes on their own domains, email forwarding facility, use auto-responder etc. can be availed as well.
      • Zimbra Hosting - This type of email hosting would help you get an experience similar to that of Microsoft Exchange. You get the capability of doing almost everything that an Exchange server has to offer.