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Can you register a domain before picking the host?

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  • Can you register a domain before picking the host?

    My concern is that some hosts might not let me use a domain that they did not get - does this issue exist?
    Also, my impression was that it would be cheaper to get it all done at once (hosting and domain), at least for some hosts - is this really true?

    I want to be sure that I really own the domain, and that it won't be taken away from me or actually owned by the company that theoretically bought it for me. What precautions would I need to take to avoid my domain being stolen? (legally or not)

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    You can register any domain if it's available to register and no hosting provider can stop you to register the domain if it's available to register. Some of the hosting providers offer domain registration or transfer for free and hence you may get the domain and hosting for a cheaper price if both are registered at the same time, however, please make sure that you read the terms and conditions before registering with such hosting provider.

    If you register the domain with a genuine hosting provider or a domain registrar, the domain will be owned by you.


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      And if you are worried about such issues may not happen then you can register the domain name at a Domain Name Registration services such as Godaddy.


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        I think we can Register a domain before picking hosting for it .

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          Originally posted by John009 View Post
          I think we can Register a domain before picking hosting for it .
          Yes, you can register a domain & pick up hosting for it later on... there are few domains which are just bought & left for aging purposes.. the older the domain, the more pricey it gets
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            I have done this dozens of times when I am not sure what I plan on doing with the site yet. A friend of mine is worse, right now I have about 10 personal domains and he is slowly creeping up to about 50.
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              Yes, it is possible, but I generally try to avoid registering domains without hosting. Most of the time, I register a domain and purchase a hosting package from the same company because it's easier than having to work with several companies and link them afterwards...